Cerakote Firearm Coatings

Cerakote out performs any competitive gun coating in both laboratory settings and real world applications.
View and buy firearm coatings and locate a custom applicator for your next project.

Cerakote – The world standard in firearm finishes

cerakote-imageGreystone Guns is proud to be one of New Zealand’s only factory trained and certified Cerakote applicators. We hold many choices of Cerakote colours in stock and also have a large selection of stencils to allow various types of camouflage patterns. This gives you the opportunity and ability to have unique patterns or colour combinations on your firearm or other items.

Cerakote will permanently adhere to most metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), many plastics and wood (walnut and laminated wood). Check with us to see if your particular item is suitable for Cerakoting and what colours are currently available.

We can get most colours by order so visit the Cerakote website at www.cerakoteguncoatings.com for all colour possibilities and to view the various firearm finishes, learn about firearm coating and get answers to Cerakote firearm finish questions. View our video and gallery of Cerakote Firearm Coating pictures and Cerakote Firearm Coating colors and contact us to see how we can apply these finishes to your firearm.

Cerakote supplies hundreds of firearm finish color options, including custom colors, camouflage patterns, unique coating applications, information on Cerakote Firearm Coating and locations of factory trained and certified Cerakote coating applicators like Greystone Guns in Christchurch. See why more manufactures choose Cerakote than any other firearm finish.


What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a ceramic based finish that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. The unique formulation used for Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness. Each of these properties is rigorously tested to guarantee that Cerakote products remain at the foreforont of the ceramic coatings market. Cerakote ceramic coatings utilize state-of-the-art technology to out-perform any competitive coating in both laboratory settings and real world applications.

How much does it cost to Cerakote a Tikka T3?

To Cerakote the Barrel, Action & Bolt of a Tikka T3 will cost approx $350.00

To Cerakote the Barrel, Action, Bolt, Trigger Shoe, Safety Catch, Scope Rings & Stock Screws of a Tikka T3 will cost approx $400.00

Contact us today to confirm the price to Cerakote your Tikka T3 rifle.

How much does it cost to Cerakote a Remington 700?

To Cerakote the Barrel, Action, Bolt & Bolt Shroud of a Remington 700 will cost approx $350.00

Contact us today to confirm the price to Cerakote your Remington 700 rifle.

How much does it cost to Cerakote a stock?

To Cerakote a stock will cost approx $250.00

Contact us today to Cerakote your rifle stock.

Camo patterns, overlays, multiple colour combinations available by request

Contact us today to place your request.

Cerakote Firearm Coatings Colour Range

Armour Black

Armour Black H-190

Cerakote Firearm Coatings

Benchmade Coyote Tan H-239

Cerakote Firearm Coatings Bright Purple

Bright Purple H-217

Burnt Bronze

Burnt Bronze H-148

Coyote Tan

Coyote Tan H-235


Crimson H-221

Desert Gold

Desert Gold H-246

Federal Brown

Federal Brown H-212

Flat Dark Earth

Flat Dark Earth H-265

Gloss Black

Gloss Black H-109

Graphite Black

Graphite Black H-146

Hidden White

Hidden White H-242

Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue H-238

Milspec Green

Mil Spec Green H-264

Multican Green

MultiCam Green H-204

Noveske Bazooka Green

Noveske Bazooka Green H-189

Patriot Brown

Patriot Brown H-226

Ridgeway Blue

Ridgeway Blue H-220

Safety Orange

Hunter Orange H-128

Satin Mag

Satin Mag H-147

Socom Blue

Socom Blue H-245


Stainless H-152

Tactical Grey

Tactical Grey H-227


Tungsten H-237

Zombie Green

Zombie Green H-168

Prison Pink

Prison Pink H-141

Bazooka Pink

Bazooka Pink H-244

Blue Titanium

Blue Titanium H-185

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt H-112

Crushed Silver

Crushed Silver H-255

Desert Sand

Desert Sand H-199

Electric Yellow

Electric Yellow H-166


Gold H-122

Robins Egg Blue

Robins Egg Blue H-175

Sea Blue

Sea Blue H-172

Sig Pink

Sig Pink H-224

Sky Blue

Sky Blue H-169


USMC Red H-167

Vortex Bronze

Vortex Bronze H-293

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