Greystone Guns Custom Shop

Professional gunsmith & firearm repair service for rifles and shotguns


The Greystone Guns Custom Shop was developed for complete customising of firearms. It is more than just a gunsmithing service. It provides you with the opportunity to repair, rebuild, rebarrel or modify a firearm to your specific unique requirements. We can then protect and finish your project using Cerakote which is the best firearms coating available. Greystone Guns is a factory trained and certified Cerakote applicator.

Professional Gunsmith Services

Greystone Guns can repair most rifles and shotguns having feed, function and misfiring problems. We offer a professional gunsmithing service designed to maintain, modify, restore or repair most firearms. Prices stated are only an indication of the approx cost. Please contact Greystone Guns for an accurate pricing of your specific rifle repair.


Actions Bedded, Barrels Free Floated

  • Actions bedded and barrels floated using titanium compound from $200

Recoil Pads Fitted

  • Grind to fit pads fitted from $85.00

Firearm Safety Check

  • Firearms safety check from $50.00

Firearm Re-Crowning

  • Firearm Re-Crowning From $35.00

Greystone Guns Silencer or Muzzle Brake Threading on Barrel

  • Barrel threading for silencer or muzzle brake, including 11 deg re-crown from $100
    • Other brands of silencer or muzzle brakes fitted
      Let us know the brand, type of silencer, the thread required and the barrel size for a quote.
      From $125.00
    • Barrel Fluting
      Barrel Fluting from $300.00
    • Garnet bead blast finish
      Garnet bead blast finish on stainless steel barrels from $50.00
  • Triggers Adjusted
    From $85.00


Magazines can sometimes be repaired but more often than not, they need replacing once they start giving feed and function problems. Contact Greystone Guns to see if a replacement magazine is available for your rifle.



Most rifles can be rebarreled, please contact Greystone Guns for your options on barrels and calibres.


Firing Pins

Damaged firing pins can be replaced with new ones if available if not then the existing ones may be repaired or even new ones manufactured. 

Bolt Handles

Bolt handles can be altered or customised to suit. 


Scopes can be fitted to most rifles by using existing scope mounting holes and mounts or actions can be drilled and tapped to accept standard scope bases and mounts. If standard mounts are unavailable custom mounts can be made. 


Stocks can be repaired, altered and/or re-finished.


Squaring the action face and the bolt face can help get the best accuracy out of your rifle. Some rifles can be made more accurate by having their locking lugs squared and lapped.