Greystone Guns Custom Shop

Professional gunsmith & firearm repair service for rifles and shotguns

The Greystone Guns Custom Shop was developed for complete customising of firearms. It is more than just a gunsmithing service. It provides you with the opportunity to repair, rebuild, rebarrel or modify a firearm to your specific unique requirements. We can then protect and finish your project using Cerakote which is the best firearms coating available. Greystone Guns is a factory trained and certified Cerakote applicator.

Professional Gunsmith Services

Greystone Guns can repair most rifles and shotguns having feed, function and misfiring problems. We offer a professional gunsmithing service designed to maintain, modify, restore or repair most firearms. Prices stated are only an indication of the approx cost. Please contact Greystone Guns for an accurate pricing of your specific rifle repair.


Greystone Guns has conducted extensive research and development for its new K-Baffle range of centrefire silencers and they are now ready for sale. The unique design of these over barrel centrefire silencers incorporate a high flow internal muzzle brake that directs a large portion of the high pressure firing gases into the over barrel section of the silencer.


Greystone Guns is proud to be one of New Zealand’s only factory trained and certified Cerakote applicators. We hold many choices of Cerakote colours in stock and also have a large selection of stencils to allow various types of camouflage patterns. This gives you the opportunity and ability to have unique patterns or colour combinations on your firearm or other items.