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Gunzilla Firearm Oil

Gunzilla Firearm OilGunzilla Firearm OilGunzilla Firearm Oil

Gunzilla Firearm Oil


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Gunzilla Firearm Oil

Gunzilla® BC-10 is a patent pending formula designed to clean, lubricate and protect all in one formula. Gunzilla performs best when no other cleaners, oils or preservatives are used. Gunzilla BC-10 was developed to reduce weapon malfunctions and to remove the health concerns associated with hazardous gun cleaners and lubricants. Gunzilla is made from natural based materials and contains no water and no petroleum solvents. It is safer and more effective than other gun cleaners, and can be used on every type of gun which includes handguns, shotguns, rifles, automatic weapons, black powder guns and cannons.

Gunzilla Firearm Oil Cleans, Lubricates & Protects

Gunzilla effectively removes carbon, copper, lead, rust, black powder, and plastic particles left from shotgun sabots/wads. Most cleaners soften carbon but it still must be scraped or scrubbed off a gun. Gunzilla’s unique formula breaks the bonds of the carbon molecules and turns them into a sludge-like liquid. It also neutralizes and cleans the residue left by corrosive primers. In black powder guns Gunzilla eliminates using water to clean and oil to lubricate. Just clean the black powder gun with Gunzilla and then you are done.

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  • 8oz Bottle: $40.00
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