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4K K-Baffle Centrefire Silencer

K-Baffle 4K Centrefire Silencers
K-Baffle Centrefire SilencersCentrefire Silencers

4K K-Baffle Centrefire Silencer


PLEASE NOTE: This product requires police mail order form FRM43A if you require us to send it to you. You can download the form here.

PLEASE NOTE: These silencers have a rear bush made of Acetal engineering plastic that is required to be bored out to suit your barrel diameter. If you are unable to do this yourself or get it done locally then we can do this for you at no extra charge. Please measure the diameter of you barrel at 200mm rearwards from the crown in mm down to 1/10 of a mm and enter it as additional information along with the calibre.

PLEASE NOTE: Choose the thread option below to suit your application or if you require a custom thread type or are unsure, please contact us to discuss your requirements before purchasing.
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Due to export restrictions and laws we will only ship silencers to a New Zealand address.


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4K K-Baffle Centrefire Silencer

PLEASE NOTE: This product requires police mail order form FRM43A if you require us to send it to you. You can download the form here.

The Greystone Guns 4K model K-Baffle silencer is our most popular centrefire silencer. Available in 4x different projectiles sizes. 17 – 224, 243 – 260, 270 – 308 and 338. This silencer is suitable for calibers up to 300 Win Mag case capacity. Not all silencers are created equal so be sure to compare Greystone K-Baffle centrefire silencer specifications to others.

Please Note: Due to certain restrictions on silencers, we are unable to sell or ship these to some countries, please contact us regarding any questions you have about international orders.

Silencer tubing 6 series aluminium
• High corrosion resistant aluminium
• 3mm wall thickness silencer tubing slows heat and noise dissipation through tubing walls better than thinner tubing
• Tube thoroughly tested and proven strong enough for magnum calibers

7075 aluminium end caps
• Tough & strong with high wear properties

Acetal rear bush
• Designed to provide strength for over barrel silencer by being a second contact point on the barrel
• Low wear on barrel finish
• Spare bushes available
• Bush threaded into back of silencer so it can be easily changed for different sized barrel diameters
• Acetal plastic has a 168 deg cel melt point

Titanium isolator tube
• Highly corrosion resistant
• Low weight/High strength

Muzzle brake
• High efficiency designed (copyright) to direct maximum firing blast into over barrel section of silencer and to provide maximum recoil reduction
• Precisely designed and tested angled faces have been machined onto the muzzle brake blast faces to stop silencer from undoing during firing (copyright)
• Muzzle brake options available in stainless steel (70 grams) or 7075 aluminium (25 grams)
• Viton high temp o-ring. isolates s/s from aluminium contact to reduce corrosion.
• Stops silencer ringing sound when fired or if silencer is knocked

• Greystone’s unique designed 7075 aluminium k-baffle (copyright)
• Very efficient high noise reduction design
• high recoil reduction
• 7075 aluminium
• Type 3 hard anodised
• Light weight
• High strength design

Stainless steel inserts
• Stainless steel has high strength, wear and corrosion resistance and is used in the high gas wash areas
• Stainless steel inserts secured in a recess in the k-baffle so they can’t move or fall out (copyright)

Silencer cerakoted inside and out
• Cerakote ceramic paint provides;
• High wear resistance
• High corrosion resistant
• Can with stand temperatures up to 270 deg cel

Cerakote ceramic paint slows the heat dissipation caused by firing through the silencer better than anodising, therefor more rounds can be fired before heat shimmer obstructs the view in scope. Check out our full range of colours available on our Cerakate Firearm Coatings page.

Video Demonstration

Video Demonstration